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Periodical Maintenance

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When your equipment breaks down, you could contact our service dept. via telephone, email or fax. We will response immediately, troubleshoot problems, offer repair solution and ship spare parts in time. Professional service engineer would be sent to customer site when necessary. We would help customer recover production in short time and reduce loss.

Maintenance and Service

Routine Inspection could keep the machine in good condition and guarantee production efficiency. During regular check, the cause for possible future failure would be troubleshoot and eliminated to ensure reliable running of your equipment. We would cooperate with your team to provide inspection report and corrective measures.

Energy Check

Energy check including water, electricity and compressed air for the equipment could help lower energy consumption, and then reduce cost.

Safety Check

Safety is the guarantee for production. During safety check, we would check all safety related parts and consumable parts according to local safety standard and accident prevention provisions, and deal with the potential problems immediately to ensure equipment running safely.

Equipment Inspection

Inspection to machines and automatic equipment could recover the function and accuracy of production system. We would use precision test equipment to inspect and adjust machines according to international standard and keep on file. Equipment Inspection is a cost effective choice compared to purchasing new machine.

Customized Maintenance Program

CFG Machinery is able to offer customized maintenance program based on customer’s production system. By increasing running time of equipment, reducing down time and operation cost, customers would benefit from maintenance programs.

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